■Regarding Fukushima Inspection

IPPNW Volunteers and PANW


1:Outline of the inspection

Date Schedule
August 27

【Option 1. 】Join the Fukushima Symposium in Tokyo.  Stay overnight in Tokyo and depart to Fukushima on the morning of the 28th.

For those holding a JR pass we recommend : Departing Hiroshima station (12:15) by Sakura super express, transfer in Shin-Osaka station to Hikari super express, arrive at Tokyo station (17:10).

For those without a JR pass we recommend : Departing Hiroshima station (13:06) by Nozomi super express, arrive to Tokyo station (17:13).

From Tokyo Station, take the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line to Kasumigaseki station.  Trains leave every 3-4 minutes from Tokyo station.

For details regarding transfer from Kasumigaseki station to the venue, please visit the Fukushima Symposium website:http://wp.me/p2AgIp-r 

Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel:3-7-11 Ariake Koto Ward Tokyo
Tel:03-5564-0124  Fax:03-5564-3210

【Option 2】 From Hiroshima Station, take the Super Express train to Fukushima.  Stay overnight in Fukushima,

From Hiroshima Station to Tokyo Station by Super Express. Change trains at Tokyo Station bound for Fukushima Station .

Fukushima View Hotel:1-73 Otacho Fukushima City Fukushima Prefecture
Tel:024-531-111 Fax:024-534-1303

August 28

[Option 1.] participants

For all participants (JR Pass and non-JR pass holders): Depart Tokyo Station (06:40) by Yamabiko super express, arrive at Fukushima station (08:37).  A chartered bus will pick you up at Fukushima station west entrance bus pool.  At this point you will regroup with [Option 2.] participants for the Fukushima inspection.

[Option 2.] participants

Leaving hotel  (08:30) to Fukushima Station on foot (about 1 minute). At Fukushima station west entrance bus pool, you will regroup with [Option 1.] participants for the Fukushima inspection.

 Bring snack, water and soft drink with you.

 We suggest you go to the washroom before bus departs.

Fukushima Station to Kawauchi Village. Have lunch. Visit medical institutions (details not decided yet) and leave to the hotel at about 15:30 by bus.
From 16:00 to 19:30, Fukushima doctors make reports about real radioactive damages on the local people and current situations of medical institutions at the meeting room in the hotel.

Leaving Fukushima Station at 20:27 to Tokyo Station (arriving at 22:00) by Yamabiko 66. To the Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel.

August 29

Press Conference at "TOC Ariake" near the hotel from 9:00 to 10:00.
Hotel to airport (either Haneda or Narita)by shuttle bus.


2:How to apply to the inspection

Fill out the application sheet and e-mail to the PANW secretariat (panw@doc-net.or.jp).


3:How to pay the fees

1:We will inform you how much it takes to make an inspection tour to Fukushima when we complete in adding all the costs. If you agree with the total cost we present, we want you to pay in advance by card. On such an occasion, we need to know your 1: Credit card company, 2:Card number, 3:Expiring date.

2:If you have no credit card, we will collect money in cash from you when we arrive at the hotel in Fukushima to meet the local doctors in 28th August.